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Mass Plywood Pavilion debuts at International Mass Timber Conference

Our latest Mass Plywood Pavilion debuts on March 19, 2019 at the International Mass Timber Conference in Portland, Oregon. This structure showcases the material, manufacturing, and architectural potential of Mass Plywood Panels, a new veneer-based wood product created by Freres Lumber Co.

Evocative of mountain peaks and glacial forms, the 23-foot-tall pavilion utilizes an innovative structural plywood panel to create an experience specific to the veneered wood material. The design is made from 184 two-inch-thick panels, which were custom cut on one of the largest industrial precision CNC routers in the world. When joined together, the panels establish a ribbed structure that celebrates the material’s end-grain beauty on the exterior and interior and create a scrim that filters light and shadow. The tapering form produces distinct experiences for visitors—slowly transforming from an archway to seating to a display table. Panel edges were sanded and sealed to encourage visitors to sit and have a tactile experience with the plywood.

Built and erected in only 14 days at Freres’ manufacturing plant in central Oregon, the pavilion design demonstrates the speed and efficacy of prefabricated mass timber construction. The pavilion splits into seven separate segments, allowing for ease of transport and quick installation at the site. Reassembly of the structure was completed in five hours.

The 2019 Mass Plywood Pavilion is LEVER Architecture’s third structure made from the new material. 

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